Friday, June 5, 2009

Andalusian Stallion 5

I've been getting some good advice on the mane, for some tweaking that would improve it. So will be reworking it some. Here is a bit of an update though, I had planned to put mane on the near side covering his neck also but realized that would be "mane overkill". So I am going to give him a bare neck this side and just some mane falling over up near his ears. The added whispy hairs on the lit up mane here are just quick photoshopped suggestions I haven't repainted it yet. I have started working in the shoulder area more also. Still a lot to go on the forelock.


Kerry said...

this is really looking magnificent, DeeDee! Last I looked, he didn't have his mane, yet...I've never cared much for the bald look...what a differance a bit of hair can do for a stud! (lol!) I am really enjoying watching this progress!

Dee Dee said...

LOL Kerry I've struggled with this mane so much I am about ready to roach him! We'll get there though one way or the other. I considered giving him a unicorn horn and sticking a marshmallow on the end and say he is standing over a campfire and titling this "making s'mores".

This is still fun to be able to experiment! I don't get to do that too often. :)